Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Bear Hug
Ok so new tradition, since normal comics usually have their colored strips on Sunday, and since we are anything but normal, we decided to post a colored comic mid-week.

Here's the catch, we want your input as our loyal mid-week readers to vote on your favorite Pun of Fun. The top voted pun out of any of our posts will get the illustrious honor of appearing here in a mid-week post.

What you do:
1) Read through all the posts
2) Laugh
3) Pick your favorite Pun
4) Comment on this post right here telling us which Pun deserves the color treatment

What we do:
1) At the end of the week we count the votes
2) The winning Pun is colored
3) Sometime that week it's posted and voting opens for the next colored Pun
4) We are cool


  1. So for those who are lost you tell us what your favorite comic here.

  2. JIM GIRAFFE!!! Definitely! Although I do love them all :)

  3. The Lying Witch in the Wardrobe.

  4. I'm gonna have to go with Lying Witch in the Wardrobe too