Sunday, April 10, 2011

quick color history lesson

Taxi Cabbage

This happens to be the very first pun ever colored, hows that for history. before this we didn't even know if colored things could be funny.
Catch Up
Notice the lack of cool shading in this pun, just primitive really.
 This here happens to be the 1st pun that wasn't completely digitally redrawn when it moved to color
Notice the more sketchy feel of the black lines. Also if I can toot my own horn look at that shading on the turkey and pill pretty awesome no?
Grizzly Beard

What's different now? notice the text is a classic hand-drawn style, gotta stay close to those roots you know.

Not only is this the 1st ChazMcChaz masterpiece to receive the color treatment. but notice the background has moved away from the blocky color to a watercolor type effect. Just another detail to keep the masses happy.

Look at the color through the ages. Hopefully this little travel through history helps make up for the fact that I've been slacking off the past week. Stay tuned and you might just get a step by step process next week.

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